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Blog, Interrupted: Reverb Broads 2011, #8

Reverb Broads 2011, December 8: Why blog? Why do you or why do you like to blog (recognizing that these are not always the same thing)? (courtesy of Kristen at

I’ve only had this blog since this autumn, though I’ve been writing little essay-type things on LiveJournal and Facebook for several years. There are several reasons why I do this; I’ll leave it to you to figure out which motives lie behind which posts.

I blog because I can never find a therapist I like.

I blog because it is a joy and a puzzle to put words together in new, unexpected ways.

I blog because my soapbox isn’t high enough.

I blog because my family is tired of hearing the same old stories and opinions.

I blog because the world needs a married, maternal, pedantic, pagan, bisexual, midwestern, liberal, artistic, overbearing, articulate, exasperated, exhausted, ironic, hilarious, outraged, optimistic, possibly insane observer.

I blog because nobody will give me a TV show.

I blog because I’m a historian, and I can’t stand not being in charge of my own contributions to the historical record.

I blog because the lessons I suffer to learn might make someone else feel better (or at least laugh).

I blog because spitting into the wind just isn’t futile enough some days.

I blog because I’m an attention whore, and your comments feed my ravenous ego.

I blog because writing out the words that loop through my head lets me get to sleep.

I blog because it’s an expression of my First Amendment rights.

I blog because I’m determined to increase the incidence of correct punctuation usage on the Internet.

…and finally…

I blog because I have a voice, and it can push back the dark.



  • Love this line: “I blog because I have a voice, and it can push back the dark.” Great post!

  • Ha, ha. Whore. I love everything about this post. Just everything.

  • Hooray for punctuation and pushing back the dark.

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