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Why Be An Activist?


Because only people who want to show up, show up. No bad attitudes.

Because by coming together on a specific issue, the group has already self-selected by common interest, so you’re likely to like the people you volunteer with.

Because when people are already there to help other people, they make the best kind of friend.


Because you never know whom you’ll meet when you announce your allegiance.

Because you’ll never feel as appreciated as when you share your unique talents for a common cause.

Because if you can, you’ll be standing up for yourself and someone who can’t.

Because you get to tell your own story, and who doesn’t love to talk about themselves?

Because it restores your faith in beauty, truth, and love.


Because smiling while you protest makes the opposition nervous.

Because your experience and your presence are unique, meaningful, and needed.


Because the halls of power belong to you.


Because revolutions have laughter and dancing and good snacks (or at least they should, if they’re good ones).


Because when you’re in a crowd, marching and chanting with one voice, you are unbelievably powerful.

Pride at Capitol

Because there aren’t many activities in life where everyone wins equally, no matter how much they put in.

Because you don’t have to be good to do good.

Because there’s a good chance your parent, grandparent, or ancestor wasn’t allowed to speak out like you can.

Because, while the moral arc of the universe bends toward justice, it ain’t there yet.

Because we all do better when we all do better.

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